Androne Solutions created the first professional courses in Bulgaria, specifically designed for the management of drones (unmanned remote controlled aerial vehicle), and our ambition is to train professionally responsible drone pilots, who knows and complies with all necessary safety measures. We also offer specific training for the different applications of civilian drones, such as aerial photography, video framing, visual inspection and others.

Our most important rule is that during a flight each student is accompanied by a separate teacher. The transmitter of the student is subordinated to the teachers one. If any critical failure occurs, the teacher is able to take control and to safely land the drone.

There is a possibility that the course is held in Bulgarian, English and French.

You will be trained on a professional hexacopter (6 propellers).

The goal of the individual drone training is that in the end the student can make his own aerial photographs, videos or technical tasks. At the beginning, the student receives an aerial simulator and a radio remote control, which aims to help him to get familiar with the controls of the machine and subsequently to reduce the number of possible errors when piloting a real drone. The student must make a minimum of 20 hours of simulator in order to correctly access to the next level of the training class. The duration of the piloting course is 30 hours organized in 4 consecutive days (excluding the days when the meteorological conditions to not allow this). The aim is that the student learns to operate the drone alone (takeoff, flight and landing) and uses the different modes in flight. During the course, the student also learns the important rules in flying, the security measures, both on the ground and in the air, the various applications of drones and much more.

The simulator and transmitter are included in the price.

Price of the training: 1800 leva / 921 euro