Precision agriculture

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3D Modeling

Suitable for creation of a 3D model is the earth surface, buildings, monuments and more.

Real estate promotion

Improve the advertising of the real estate that you offer by presenting your houses, apartments or land by aerial photos and/or videos.

Site supervision

Prepare, administer, track and explore your construction site by using a drone: aerial photos and videos with high quality for the success of your projects.

Visual inspection

With a lower cost, reduced risks and less sensitivity to meteorological conditions, drones gradually replace helicopters and other methods of visual inspection and preventive maintenance missions.


The advantage of drones to helicopters, airplanes or satellites, is the greater accuracy of the data due to the possibility of more frequent shooting.

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University of Tubingen, Germany


Cartography of the archaeological excavation site near the village Dudeshtii Vechi in north-western Romania.

Excavations Digital Cartography

Excavations Digital Cartography

Universität Tübingen


Bulgarian National Television (BNT)


Make aerial shooting (start & finish) of the Vitosha marathon which held October 4, 2014

Sport event coverage

Sport event coverage

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About AnDrone

ANDRONE Solutions is a company that makes aerial shooting and high quality aerial video with different models of civilian drones. Aerial photos and videos have exceptional quality due to the drone models that we use. They are equipped with gyro-stabilized gimbals that reduce the vibrations and the unwanted movements of the camera. The filming is made either with Canon 6D or with Sony Alpha 6000. This service is quite innovative and lately is highly demanded by filmmakers and photographers, but finds more and more different applications in various other fields. We offer to our customers a good attitude, a fast respond to their demand and impressive and unique results. ANDRONE Solutions is also an importer, manufacturer and distributor of drones and their accessories.

The services of high quality aerial photos and video can be used in the following fields:

Events (person gathering, protests, sport events, team-buildings, concerts, weddings, golf courses etc.)
Construction site supervision
3D photogrammetry (3D digital models of the earth’s surface, of buildings, monuments, cubature)
3D tour of buildings, museums, parks etc.
Visual inspection and preventive maintenance of various types of infrastructures (wind turbines, oil and gaze pipelines, power lines, water dams etc.)
Luxury real estate promotions

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